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India is truly  fabulous country that will steal a piece of your heart! It is impossible not to fall in love with India! Once getting to know this country everyone becomes its captive and will forever lose peace. In this country, everything seems unusual from traditions, life and the atmosphere itself. India captivates guests with its exotic, rich culture and magnificent nature. A large number of different species of animals live here such as nimble monkeys, loud-voiced with bright feathering peacocks, tigers and crocodiles. Gorgeous beaches, tender waters of the Indian Ocean, ancient memos of one of the most ancient civilizations and the spicy smell in the streets, a large number of various saints and crafty rickshaws, colorful saris and white-toothed smiley locals - these are all signs of India, full of mysteries and open for guests!

In terms of population  India takes the second place in the w

World ranking after China, its population is 1,2 billion.

Significant social stratification of the population is characteristic feature of India. The division into rich and poor is very contrasting.

It is quite comfortable to work in this country because honor of traditions and family values is considered to be very respectful. Socio-economic relations are also established in respect for elders and respect for colleagues.

Culinary traditions are considered to be one of the most popular in the World, since there is no incredibly diverse cuisine in any country. It is just impossible to count national dishes! Fruit and vegetables are the main products of traditional cuisine, and a raw food diet is also widely developed.

The peculiarity of Indian food are spices that are added to almost any dish, even salty, even sweet, and in the most unpredictable combinations for other nations.

Vaccinations for visiting India are not necessary, even if you are going to stay in the country for a long time.

The biggest part of the brightest and famous nightclubs of Goa are located in the Northern part. The most unusual, bright and memorable parties in India is Goa.

There are  areas for tourists who want privacy in the southern Goa part. This is rest for those who prefer meditation. If you came to India for bright parties, loud music, then the northern part of India is more suitable for you.

Cafe Mambo presents music for any taste, exotic cocktails, delicious events. The establishment is divided into several zones, venues, so you can comfortably enjoy chatting with friends and also dance from the heart!

Tito's Club is the club of almost 50 years old! Two-story dance floor, lounge area, VIP booths, the largest bar. This is the place where you can really “come off”.

Cape Town Cafe. This establishment is considered to be one of the most fashionable in Goa. The atmosphere of oriental relaxation, professional DJs and of course delicious cocktails.

LPK Water Front has exotic interior, incredible atmosphere, large dance floor, theme parties. Everybody here  will be satisfied with amazing, traditional cuisine.

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