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The United Arab Emirates is a state on the Arabian Peninsula along the south coast. Anyone who has ever visited the United Arab Emirates or just has an idea of ​​the country, has associations of unimaginable ultra-modern high-rise high-tech buildings created over the past few decades in Abu Dhabi and the largest city of the Emirates of Dubai.

In recent years this country is considered not only for tourism but also increasingly  for emigration. This is a country where you can easily build a career, there are all conditions for this. Emirates citizens

work only if they wish , because they  are well-off financially . The labor market is open, so a huge percentage of the working population are emigrants. First of all  there are a lot of opportunities in the United Arab Emirates. The real estate market is constantly growing and developing. The country has an excellent healthcare system and a high level of security. Very low prices for accommodation, food and gas.

The UAE's nightlife is incredible. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city with  rich history, strict laws, cutting-edge technology and the innate hospitality of local residents are intertwined. Since this country is Muslim, local authorities are trying to soften the demands of Islam and reduce their impact on vacationers. Despite its Islamic character, nightly entertainment is hot here. The night city has a special atmosphere thanks to the most beautiful high-rise buildings. An incredible number of entertainment venues open at night, where you can have a tasty meal, with the ability to drink and dance. Dubai is the most compromise city in relation to the rest of tourists, in other cities the requirements are different. For example, in Sharjah there is a strict “dry law”, so you will not find alcoholic beverages anywhere in stores. The most popular vacancies are  image model , hostess , waitress, dancer,  ballet show  and others.

The girls from   18 to 28  years old can find work here.

● hostess - $800-$1000

● waitress - $700-$800

● go-go dancers - $1000-$1300

● image  model  from 18 to 23 years old - from $500 per day

Dubai is a city of dreams. The United Arab Emirates is an opportunity not only to relax but also to arrange your life!

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