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Japan is a beautiful and amazing country, full of its special oriental charm. The long periods of the Land of the Rising Sun isolation from the rest of the world instilled in the Japanese people an amazing originality, a unique sense of beauty and great respect for their own history.

Japan is a country where modelling work is highly paid. Collaboration even with a small modeling agency is a great luck for the model . The Japanese are very reverent and extremely honest in their work, so working with them is a great pleasure! If the model is top-requested her fees will be higher than in any European country. The Japanese are very “right” people. On the one hand, you are guaranteed safety -  and even if you lose your wallet, they will return it to you; on the other hand, you have to follow their rules strictly. As consequence, there can be no lateness, unauthorized absence or extra centimeters on the hips.

Japanese nightlife.

In search of not boring nightlife in the Japanese capital, it makes sense to move to the areas of Shibuya and Harajuku. Especially noteworthy is the Shinjuku district with the Kabuki-te quarter, which comes to life after 6 p.m. and is a place of concentration of cinemas, bars, slot machines, manga cafes and host clubs. Clubs delight guests not only with theme parties and mixes performed by the best DJs, but also with events such as fashion shows of famous designers; on Fridays and Saturdays you can count on participating in house- and techno-parties.

National characteristics are discipline, an acute sense of duty, politeness and accurateness. They cultivate self-control and frugality, curiosity and patience. The Japanese are very friendly in communication, sometimes so much that in a dialogue or argument, the interlocutor may think that the opponent accepted his point of view, although in reality this is far from the case.

Religions: Shintoism and Buddhism.

Language is Japanese. One can easily communicate in English, rarely in Russian.

Visit to Japan is a huge success, and you will be swept by impressions over the wave. The most amazing landscapes, unique culture and the most delicious food - all this is Japan. The country of the rising sun will not leave indifferent any person in the World.

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