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France is a country in Western Europe that also includes several overseas territories. France borders with Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany in the Northeast, with Switzerland in the East, with the Principality of Monaco and Italy in the Southeast, with Spain and miniature Andorra in the Southwest. The territory of France is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the Northwest, by the North Sea in the Northeast and by the warm Mediterranean Sea in the South. The English Channel separates it from the island of Great Britain. France is a democratic republic and secular state.

“See Paris and die,” many travelers say like this. France is certainly the heart of fashion. There is not a single person who would not like to come here. Paris has represented itself as the main fashion center in Europe. It is considered to be the founder of the style, exactly here the very first famous fashion houses appeared. France has a very mild climate, if you do not like contrasts and weather changes, then you should come here for sure. There is quite dry during the summer  but the air is not too stuffy and temperature is cool.

French cuisine is considered to be one of the best in the World. If you really want to know all the delights, you should visit the gastronomic capital of France - Lyon.

The laws of the country are very loyal to foreign people. If your rights have been violated, then local authorities will try to do everything to protect them.

As you can already guess the Eiffel Tower has become the main sightseeing of France as the symbol of Paris- one of the most visited and recognizable architectural places in the World.

Another important peculiarity of the country is the Louvre, a former fortress, once a palace and now the most visited museum, where millions  people from all over the World come every year.

 The Cote d'Azur is not just a favorite place for many tourists for excellent vacation, but at the same time it is a land of amazing contrasts. So, for example, the warm sunny beaches here contrast with the snowy Alps that are located just in 2 hours from the coast. This resort area is a very noisy place where millions of tourists come, but there is peace and silence in small villages that are located near the rocks.

If nightclubs in London or New York have much in common with huge hangars where you can hear thundering techno, then in Paris dance clubs are very small, cozy, chamber and you can hear mostly the sounds of hip-hop, rhythm and blues and other similar directions.

 Ultrafashionable, popular among Parisians club Les Bains is located in the former rooms of Turkish bath houses. Expensive drinks, representative bouncers, a large pool, sounds of hip-hop and rhythm and blues wait for you inside.

The old barge painted in bright red is moored to the waterfront near the National Library inside of which the club Batofar is located. A small place is always full of visitors who are fond of techno or experimental funk.

Le Folie’s Pigalle is a nightclub where gay men spend time. Theme nights and events often take place in this club.

France is a country where every second you can enjoy sophisticated architecture, visits to theater, national celebrations that often take place here and other cultural events in which everyone who wishes is involved.

Any girl dreams to visit France at least once. But also there is a chance not only to visit, but also to work. Strip dancers at the age from 18 may rely on average salary from 2800-4800 € , and hostess models will be able to get from 1500-3000 € per month. However, it is necessary to note that French people are very categorical about the French language. And not every  Frenchman speaks English. It is necessary to take this into consideration while choosing this country for working place.

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